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Hi, I am Guddu Dutt,

  • your Branding, Strategy, and Growth mentor. By profession, I am a Creative Director/Photographer having almost 20+ years of experience in the industry, I have served thousands of domestic and international brands and projects in terms of branding and creative services. So, I have decided to share my all skills, knowledge, and experience with you all. "The Grey Science" is my initiative for the same. "The Grey Science" is a combination of creativity, technology, and experience dedicated to helping Indian organisations bloom with a bang!
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    What We Do

    We don’t believe in delivering a “Master Piece” to our clients but, the most relevant, practical, and ultimate solution for their requirements.

    Brand Research

    It is very importent to do a deep research about the Target Audience, Competition and Market Trends before creating the Brand Identity. Our well experienced team, always do it perfectly every time.

    Corporate Branding

    Our team enjoys the Brand Identity Creation process because every time we need to deep dig into the ocean of human psychology and behavior, and every time we got updated with our knowledge. This is why our creation is always capable to make a subconscious hit to the target audience.

    Brand Strategies

    We don't belive in pointless way of working! As every Brand wants to be successful and it's not possiable without proper strategy, optimization and goals. A good strategy is the key to achieve the ROI.

    Brand Promotion

    As every Brand has it's own kind of audience and promotional platforms as well, so it is very importent to promote 360 degree in a very precis manner to get relevent audience for the Brand. We have spend years to crack and excel it.

    Product Shoot

    At this time, it is all about visual communication as far as marketing and techolology is concern. We have best team of Photographers, Videographers and Creative Directors, just to create a breathtaking visual communication for your Brand.

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